A database of murine animal models of immune processes and immunological diseases (Aidinis et al., 2008). Phenotypic description is standardized and hierarchically structured, based on MGI’s mammalian phenotypic ontology terms and recently implemented PATO logical definitions.


A virtual repository of genetically modified mice expressing Cre recombinase and other conditional systems under the control of cell-specific promoters/enhancers.


A ‘database of mouse databases’ that includes an updated mouse resource list, comments on scientific content, basic categorization of all resources, a search interface that helps users to detect the most appropriate database according to their request, a scoring system and user comment’s board thus allowing users to share their opinion on an included mouse resource.


A web service client, a simple web application that handles data representation for MMdb and TgDb and also provides a simple query interface for both resources.


online demo

MausDB is a laboratory mouse information and management system (LMIMS) developed at the German Institute of Experimental Genetics (GSF). MausDB will soon be available under the terms of the GNU public license (GPL). Meanwhile the BioIT Unit is contributing to the project and a customized/enhanced version of MausDB will be installed at the BSRC Fleming institute.



BASE is a comprehensive free web-based database solution for the massive amounts of data generated by microarray analysis. It is released under the GNU General Public License version 2. A local install at BSRC Fleming and further development (i.e. constant on-line interaction with ArrayExpress) is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2008.