Launch of

BioIT Unit's spin off project MRB (Mouse Resource Browser), which was later renamed to DBoDB (DATABASE of DATABASES) will eventually become CASIMIR's i-mouse. The domain was booked by CASIMIR coordinator Dr. Paul Schofield earlier this year. During a CASIMIR meeting in March, the consortium's participants concluded that MRB/DBoDB will be enhanced to become a central registry for mouse resources and their provided web services under the i-mouse umbrella.

MausDB Installation

BioIT Unit completed a local MausDB trial install at BSRC Fleming's Animal House facility. MausDB is a laboratory mouse information and management system (LMIMS) developed at the German Institute of Experimental Genetics (GSF). MausDB will soon be available under the terms of the GNU public license (GPL). In order to customize MausDB in accordance with BSRC Fleming's needs the BioIT Unit is expected to contribute to the development and improvement of MausDB.

BASE at BSRC Fleming

Within the context of MUGEN, the BioIT Unit is bound to launch a highly customized version of BASE by the end of 2008. BASE is a comprehensive free web-based database solution for the massive amounts of data generated by microarray analysis. It is released under the GNU General Public License version 2. For this ambitious project BSRC Fleming's BioIT Unit will collaborate closely with IMIS Athena and EBI's ArrayExpress. Initial goals include direct data exchange functionalities with ArrayExpress, support for latest Affymetrix chips and advanced normalization features.


The MUGEN Mouse Database (MMdb) is the first mouse database to utilize PATO for phenotypic description. Since v.2.1.0, MMdb is running a pilot implementation of phenotypic characterizations with MP (Mammalian Phenotype) terms and their respective PATO logical definitions. Currently Dr. George Gkoutos at the University of Cambridge curates PATO logical definitions manually, which are subsequently loaded computationally. Advanced PATO-based searches are scheduled to be implemented by the end of 2008. Eventually MMdb will incorporate functionalities similar to Phenote in order to create new PATO logical definitions for both existing and non-existing MP terms.