Data Access

The source code of MRB is available under the GNU general public licence at Sourceforge. All data in MRB are freely available to interested users through downloadable weekly database dumps. Programmatic access to some of MRB's data is feasible via MRB's SOAP web service.

MRB Web Service

MRB's WSDL can be found here. The service can be used to:

 — Retrieve MRB's categories (invoke the getCategories remote procedure)
 — Retrieve custom ontologies not yet embraced by the OBO foundry (invoke the getNonOboOntologies remote procedure)
 — Retrieve resources by category (invoke the getResourcesByCategory remote procedure)
 — Retrieve CASIMIR's Database Description Framework Criteria (invoke the getQualityCriteria remote procedure)
 — Retrieve all WSDLs stored in MRB's database (invoke the getWSDLs remote procedure)

MRB Database Dumps

Weekly MRB database dumps can be downloaded from our database dump archive available here. The available files are compressed PostgreSQL dumps that can be restored on any PostgreSQL database server.

SOAP API Generation / Direct Database Access / Molgenis Implementation

Rationale — Resources that do not provide programmatic access to their data may benefit from MRB's online Molgenis implementation. MRB's embedded Molgenis utilities can parse a given database schema and generate Java source code which — once compiled — can act as a SOAP API.

Requirement — The only requirement is to enable remote access — Direct Database Access — to a resource's database schema. MRB's embedded Molgenis utilities require read permissions only, so unintentional altering of database entries is virtually impossible. Remote access details (ip, port, username & password) will — of course — remain completely transparent to MRB users.

Distribution — The Java source code is always generated on the fly and is freely available from MRB's website. The source can be compiled and used by a resource's technical department to enable programmatic access to their data. Alternatively and on request MRB may deploy the generated SOAP API on its server.

HowTo — To generate the Java SOAP API classes go to the 'Technical' tab of a resource; under the 'Direct Database Access' title — if and only if direct database access is enabled — click on the [wsGenerator] link. The invoked wsGenerator will produce the Java source code and schema descriptive XML and PNG files.