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      Abstract Mouse • Abstract Mouse
      BIRNLex • BIRNLex
      BSPO • Spatial Ontology
      BTO • BRENDA tissue / enzyme source
      CARO • Common Anatomy Reference Ontology
      CHEBI • Chemical entities of biological interest
      CL • Cell type
      CMD • caMOD Custom Mouse Diagnoses
      DDANAT • Dictyostelium discoideum anatomy
      DevTox.Nom • DevTox.Nomenclature
      DOID • Human disease
      ECO • Evidence codes
      EHDA • Human developmental anatomy, timed version
      EHDAA • Human developmental anatomy, abstract version
      EMAP • Mouse gross anatomy and development
      ENVO • Environment Ontology
      EO • Plant environmental conditions
      EV • eVOC (Expressed Sequence Annotation for Humans)
      FAO • Fungal gross anatomy
      FBbi • Biological imaging methods
      FBbt • Drosophila gross anatomy
      FBcv • FlyBase Controlled Vocabulary
      FBdv • Drosophila development
      FBsp • Fly taxonomy
      FMA • Foundational Model of Anatomy (subset)
      GO • Biological process
      GO • Molecular function
      GO • Cellular component
      GSCMPE • GSC Mouse Phenotyping Experiments
      GUDMAP ontology • GUDMAP ontology
      HAn • Human Anatomy
      HPO • Human Phenotype Ontology
      IEV • Event (INOH pathway ontology)
      IMR • Molecule role (INOH Protein name/family name ontology)
      IPR • Protein Domains
      MA • Mouse adult gross anatomy
      MFO • Medaka fish anatomy and development
      MGED • The MGED Ontology
      MI • Protein-protein interaction
      MIRO • Mosquito insecticide resistance
      MO • Microarray experimental conditions
      MOD • Protein modification
      MP • Mammalian Phenotype Ontology
      MPATH • Mouse pathology
      Murine Tissue Type • Murine Tissue Type
      N/A • Not applicable
      N/U • None used
      NCBITaxon • NCBI organismal classification
      NCIt • NCI Thesaurus
      NEWT • UniProt taxonomy
      NMR • NMR-instrument specific component of metabolomics investigations
      OBI • Ontology for biomedical investigations
      OBO_REL • OBO relationship types
      PATO • Phenotypic quality
      PLO • Plasmodium life cycle
      PM • Phenotypic Manifestation
      PO • Plant growth and developmental stage
      PO • Plant structure
      PRO • protein ontology
      ProPreO • Proteomics data and process provenance
      PW • Pathway ontology
      RENI-RA • RENI Rat Anatomy
      RENI-RDPD • RENI Rat Diagnoses of Proliferative Diseases
      RESID • Protein covalent bond
      SBO • Systems Biology
      SMO • caMOD Staining Methods Ontology
      SO • Sequence types and features
      SOPHARM • Suggested Ontology for Pharmacogenomics
      SPD • Spider Ontology
      TADS • Tick gross anatomy
      TAO • Teleost anatomy and development
      TGMA • Mosquito gross anatomy
      TO • Cereal plant trait
      TTO • Teleost taxonomy
      UMLS • Unified Medical Language System
      UO • Units of measurement
      WBbt • C. elegans gross anatomy
      WBls • C. elegans development
      WBPhenotype • C. elegans phenotype
      XAO • Xenopus anatomy and development
      ZDB • Zebrafish Anatomical Entity
      ZFA • Zebrafish anatomy and development