The laboratory mouse has become the organism of choice to decipher gene function and to unravel pathogenetic mechanisms of human diseases through the application of various functional genomic platforms. The massive generation of data has led to the propagation of mouse resources and databases and the concomitant need for formalized experimental descriptions, data standardization and database interoperability and integration. In this context and with these goals, the Mouse Resource Browser (MRB) is a resource management project that provides a dynamic and interactive view of 222 world wide available mouse resources, classified in 22 categories. Information is collected through an online questionnaire and/or manual curation. All mouse resource data in MRB are broken up in four sections and presented in four tabs:

The General section/tab contains information such as URL(s), contact information, database description and categorization and related links.

The Ontologies & Standards tab indicates controlled vocabularies and data representation standards adopted by each resource, such as ontologies and minimum information standards. A hyperlink to an index of OBO and non-OBO ontologies can be found here; an index of minimum information standards can be found here.

The Technical tab holds technical information for each resource such as the server technology used, relational database management system(s) utilized, programming language(s) of implementation, schema descriptive documents or actual database dumps and most importantly information on each resource?s programmatic access, the integration and interoperability services. Additionally and through the integration with Molgenis, MRB is capable of generating a SOAP API for hosted resources.

The final section on Database Description Framework (DDF) Criteria, describes the compliance of each resource to the CASIMIR database criteria, which aim to capture key technical data about a database in a formal framework.

Funded and supported by: Fleming, MUGEN, CASIMIR

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