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   Welcome to the Fleming Database, a fully searchable resource developed to host all mouse strains developed or housed in BSRC Al. Fleming's animal house. In order to view the available mouse strains, public users can enter the database by clicking on the "public data access" button. Fleming Internal users can enter the database by signing in with their username and password followed by clicking on the "login" button.

   Upon entering the database, the mutant mouse list can be sorted or shortlisted according to the available drop down menus (i.e. alphabetically, researcher, mutation type etc). Ad hoc (string) queries can be performed at all levels of the database via entering the word(s) of interest in the "Search" box. Once the mutant mouse of interest is selected, the information provided include: general information (i.e. internal Fleming contact, original mouse creator, allelic composition and MTA details), availability (i.e. available genetic background and strain state), allele & mutations (i.e. allele name and symbol and mutation type), publications and handling & genotyping instructions.

   For a collection of other electronic mouse resources developed at BSRC Al. Fleming please visit:

   • MUGEN Mouse Database
   • Mouse Resource Browser (MRB)
   • creZOO

   For questions, suggestions, bug reports, please contact Michael Zouberakis.

   To create an internal account please contact Christina Chandras.

   For links to any electronic mouse resource please visit Mouse Resource Browser (MRB).